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Rylan Clark sent his fans into meltdown on Tuesday morning as he unveiled a barefaced snap without any filters or Photoshop – and they have since pleaded with the former X Factor star to continue to embrace his natural looks.

The much-loved TV presenter, 33, took to Instagram to post a barefaced selfie – telling his 1.6 million followers that it was a ‘no filter day in the caption, much to their delight.

The striking snap saw Rylan embrace his freckles and pale skin as he posed shirtless following a recent trip to Barcelona.

Rylan decided it was time to show off his ‘real’ look as he pointed out a tiny mark on his face, which he said was a ‘bite’ from a spider.

He captioned the inspiring Instagram story: “Face off. No makeup or filter. I literally could be 12 babe.”

The bubbly TV star then went on to share a video where he lifted the lid on his ‘mysterious bite’.

“Instantly went to add a filter on, but stopped myself,” Rylan admitted amid his fight to stop using filters on social media.

Pointing at the blemish on his face, Rylan went on: “Look at that. I think that’s like a snake or something.

“Also forgot to add, on my neck I’ve got like three bites there and the makeup artist I was working with today said she thinks its a spider bite.”

Following Rylan’s barefaced snap, his adoring fans have rushed to beg the Big Brother star to quit them for good.

“This is inspiring and amazing. You are absolutely gorgeous and NEVER need to filter or edit your photos. Please always be natural from now on,” one admirer gushed.

“RYLAN!!! You are soooooo handsome!!! Look at those gorgeous freckles! No more filters ever please,” another echoed.

A third fan chimed: “Wow! Never knew how good you looked.”

“You’re so handsome!!! Let those freckles shine,” someone else swooned.

“Rylan’s new snap has made me love my bare face and freckles now too. Wish more celebs would do this,” another tweeted.

While another fan gushed: “Honestly, love this man. So hot.”

Among the stars who commented was Ruth Langsford, 62, as she penned: “I LOVE your freckles.”

To which Rylan responded: “I love your face.”