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They were just babies when they were abandoned in a shocking state by their owners – but now they’re fighting fit and ready to find true love. Puppies Bill and Ben were reduced to skin and bone when Hull Animal Welfare Trust took them in for emergency care.

The 10-week-old pair were so malnourished that vets were unable to determine their breed – but the charity promised to “do everything in their power to save these pups and ensure that they have a stable, healthy and happy future”. Now, the duo are thriving and touching images show their remarkable progress.

Bill’s life was hanging in the balance when he continued to deteriorate and was returned to the vet – but two weeks later, he is eating and gaining weight at a healthy rate.

The trust has established that the pups are mixed breed and will grow to be medium and large in size, Hull Live reports.

Bill and Ben both require experienced and loving homes with owners who can assist the duo with the training and lessons they missed out on in their initial growing stages.

In a Facebook post, the charity said: “We are delighted to be able to open applications for Bill and Ben. They have both made remarkable progress from when they arrived, and Bill is now also eating and gaining weight at a healthy rate.

“They are both mixed breed puppies of around 14 weeks old who will grow to be medium to large in size.

“We are looking for experienced homes who can teach this clever duo about life, and help them to catch up on the lessons they will have missed out on during their early weeks of life.

“They would be suitable to live with another dog subject to the right match and successful meet and greets.

“We would rehome them with a family with dog savvy children over the age of 12 years. They are untested with cats.

Another dog has made an amazing recovery after being shot with a rifle and stabbed with a kitchen knife.

Buddy the 10-year-old rescue dog was in a terrible condition when officers rescued him from a raid, covered in fleas and worms.

RSPCA inspectors feared they couldn’t recover Buddy’s body from the wounds – but Chief Inspector Jayne Forrest, of South Yorkshire Police, did all she could to help nurse him back to full strength.

Seven years later, the lucky pup has left his criminal past behind for a new deployment as a South Yorkshire Police well-being dog – helping officers with stress and trauma.